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That one is not for sale

Why is it that when something is not for sale, too expensive or has a spouse, it suddenly becomes the only thing we want?

 Is it just me?

Pretty much EVERYTHING on the runway....

Have you noticed how attractive that thing becomes? It's like we become obsessed with it. Whether you actually like it or not.  And the attraction itself is a lie because you only like it because you can't have it. It's a way we hide behind our loneliness and insecurities. Because in reality, you kinda don't think you are good enough to deserve the purse or your crush. Because in reality you can never achieve it. Therefore, or course, you make it your personal goal to achieve.  It becomes a game. This goes for both things and people.

(insert your personalized circumstance here)

The real beauty in life is way too boring.....They are the things we already have.  The things and people we have a history with. Ie: my grandma's sweater, my best friend who was there for me when my boyfriend sent me home in an uber on my birthday, and two mismatched earrings my mom bought for me when I was a teen. 

History creates memories which creates sentimentality and that creates price. Not always the label or the press. 

If you want to buy something from the runway wait till someone wears it twice and then get it 80% off at Wasteland. 

If you are looking for meaning, look up

Things Have Changed

Change is terrifying

Yet without it....How can we ever improve our circumstances?

If we want a better quality of life without change we will never have it; by mere definition change is something that wasn't there before.

Change: make or become different

But when unexpected, as most often it is....Change throws us off.

Change says "sorry you thought you were in control......SURPRISE!!!" and boom we have something else to deal with.

The easy thing to do is make it negative.....Complain that it sucks, that the way things were was better. 

I had a shit ton happen to me in the last two months that's changing my life in a lot of ways.

I have some health issues I am dealing with, my childhood cat died, and on top of everything today we are all dealing with a change in authority. 

But change isn't just negative, I've had some positive changes too. I've been working with new people on fun projects, I have built some incredible new relationships, and I'm developing a new sense of worth.  

We have a lot more on our plate. But do we honestly think we cannot handle it? Should we just throw in the towel right now?


Change helps us realize that we are capable of far more than we thought. It makes us look at things differently. 

We must be responsible for the change we want in the world.

Take Action. Listen. and Project Love. 



Don't blame me, I learned it from my parents

When I was little my mom used to say she wanted to run away

My dad would say he wanted to live under a bridge

I guess you could say I was f#%ked from the beginning

As I get older, although I do not have any children, I also feel the need to escape from something and be alone. It's not clear what I would be running away cats maybe? But that doesn't make sense, I love them. I guess I'd just be running from responsibility?

But does running away actually do more harm to myself than good? 

It certainly doesn't effect anyone else. 

Sometimes we like to think our self inflicted sabotage effects others. That they might see it and be like "NOOOOO Don't do it! Come back Maggie!!"

But usually we are met with the disappointing, but far too often true:

"No one was paying attention" reaction 

The world does not revolve around us

The point is to know it's ok to run away, but why not make it more productive by running away in some painting, or drawing? Or turning on all your senses and just taking a moment and practice your receptivity (if you're an actor....or an empath) which we need so much at this time in history. 

It is important to run away if you have to. Lots of life lessons to be learned. But the answer doesnt always have to be alone and it doesn't have to mean giving up on all your hard work.

After all, you've earned everything you have