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“What the hell is that weird head doing on that tiny body?”

Was my first impression of Captain America: The First Avenger….But I did watch it after celebrating my friend’s birthday with bottomless mimosas at a Drag Show in Weho…So my head wasn’t exactly straight either. But it just seemed a bit strange….and made me anticipate the fact that lil Chris Evans was about to Sexify into a Sexy beast of an American Mascot with some questionable blue injections. Proof for the FDA that plastic surgery and botox really can make dreams come true. I found the movie ok, the structure seemed to replicate Iron Man’s: Man discovers power= first ½ of the movie followed by: Man defeats other Man copying his Super Power= 2 ½ of the movie. Good Man wins, obvi. I did love that Agent Carter was such a badass, but again she is so pretty. I keep wondering “WHERE ARE THE UGLY GIRLS?!” But Also, where is Tony Stark? I miss him…Chris Evan’s character is blah. I’m thirsty. Okay, got some water and now I can be more objective. So, Captain’s saving characteristic is his humanity, I mean his humility….Humanity would literally be the antithsis of all Marvel Superheros. That’s why Pepper Potts is not a superhero (and she doesn’t wear tight clothes….and have an AK) But we are talking about Captain America, Ultimately, Steven saves the New York from being attacked by crashing into the ocean and cryogenically freezing his body for 70 years. Surprise! He’s still alive and Sam L Jackson has something to say to him… Dot Dot Dot Credits….

I got some soup, had no plans for the rest of my Sunday, and sat down for round TWO: THOR! I got about 15 minutes through and I had to take a nap. To be fair, It was probably those mimosas catching up to me and not the quality of the movie. But once the clock hit 8:30…It seemed my head was on a 15 minute timer. I kept pausing, napping for 10 minutes, un pausing and watching…and then getting sleepy again. No matter how captivating Tom Hiddleston was or How charmingly dumb Chris Hemsworth came across, there was clearly nothing that was more important than sleep. LET THAT BE A LESSON TO US ALL! So I paused the movie and went to bed. The next day after my therapy session that ultimately led to my decision to take anxiety meds, I sat down to finish Thor. Only, I’m not sure if that was the best decision considering anxiety medicine amplifies your symptoms in the first few days….

Meaning suddenly the stakes in the movie just got a whole lot more intense.

Now Loki wants to wipe out a whole population of frost people and I’m not sure I am okay with that. Nor am I okay with him trying to kill his father or Thor!!!…Thor may be dumb, but he’s hot as hell and hopefully he and Jane will hook up and have magical lil Asgaardian/New Mexican babies!! With the help of his Hammer, cuz we all need a tool in our lives, Thor saves the day and promises to come back for Jane. Some may have really enjoyed the fight scenes, I got more out of the love story. Thanks duel plot ;) As the credits role: HOLY F*#k! is that Idris Elba?! No way!!!! No exaggeration I freaked out that hard core…Immediately I imdb the whole movie: Natalie Portman, Idris Elba, Anthony Hopkins! Natalie Portman just won an Oscar for Black Swan right before Thor released! Seeing it all together like this really puts things into perspective…To be considered for a Marvel movie one must have A) Won an Oscar or B) Been Nominated for an Oscar but have won a Golden Globe or SAG Award. Looks like this process is going to be longer than I thought...

When you realize it's over

Remember the beginning when a guy is super interested in you

Then after a few months he realizes he has you and suddenly things seem less exciting?

I have been talking to this guy for a year now. In the beginning, it was him texting me pretty often. 

Now 12 months later, It's me texting him. 

You could give me advice that I should let it sit, or put it on a shelf for a while, but then I think back to the excitement in the beginning and I desperately want to recreate that, to bring it back....

But it will never come back. What I have now is the present. It is what it is going to be. It's been a year, if things were going to accelerate then they would have already.

So I sit back....Knowing that if I contacted him he would respond, but trying to be honest with myself....Do I really want a relationship with someone who doesn't really.... Who isn't really excited about me right now?

Probably not

Yet there is something in me that thinks I can make him somehow. Like "If only he could see me more, or hang out with me more he would fall in love with me!" It's hard to let things rest when you want them so bad. Especially on holidays like Valentines.  My M.O. is that I can more or less push things to happen, and that's just not realistic. Realistically it's the exact opposite, if I sit back and let things unfold, he will probably love me more. 

But that is hard to do.

That requires the kind of confidence where you know how incredible you are without having to prove it. I don't know if i have that yet. I don't know many people that do. 

But one of the many problems with my thinking here is the fact that if I let it go, in the moment of stillness, thinking it is the end...or that it's over. That's so silly. When is it ever over except when it is morbidly over....

Nothing is Permanent 



That one is not for sale

Why is it that when something is not for sale, too expensive or has a spouse, it suddenly becomes the only thing we want?

 Is it just me?

Pretty much EVERYTHING on the runway....

Have you noticed how attractive that thing becomes? It's like we become obsessed with it. Whether you actually like it or not.  And the attraction itself is a lie because you only like it because you can't have it. It's a way we hide behind our loneliness and insecurities. Because in reality, you kinda don't think you are good enough to deserve the purse or your crush. Because in reality you can never achieve it. Therefore, or course, you make it your personal goal to achieve.  It becomes a game. This goes for both things and people.

(insert your personalized circumstance here)

The real beauty in life is way too boring.....They are the things we already have.  The things and people we have a history with. Ie: my grandma's sweater, my best friend who was there for me when my boyfriend sent me home in an uber on my birthday, and two mismatched earrings my mom bought for me when I was a teen. 

History creates memories which creates sentimentality and that creates price. Not always the label or the press. 

If you want to buy something from the runway wait till someone wears it twice and then get it 80% off at Wasteland. 

If you are looking for meaning, look up