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The Power of Friend(s)

In this day of social media and "friends"...Who are our real friends?

I've lived in LA for 4 Years now...That's it. 4 years. Before that I lived in New York and before that I was in College..About 4 years in each city.. Sometimes I stress out about not knowing who, or where my real friends are. 

So what makes a real friend?

I just finished listening to "This American Life" an incredible episode called "Ask a Grown up" (if you are in to that type of thing, I highly encourage you to listen to it...It's beautifully striking and profound) Anyway I just finished listening to it, and it occurred to me real friend(s) exist for life. But it may not be all 5,000 of them (which Facebook so generously set as the limit of friends we can have on our personal page. We may only need just one...or two...And we can be picky. After all, you will inevitably be spending a lot of energy on this incredible being. 

A Friend should challenge, inspire, listen to you, make you laugh, and love you. And likewise, you have the honor of doing the same for them. 

I think we should rename our Facebook "friends" to whom we kind-of-know and occasionally hang out with as "People I've met Once and Liked and May be a Good Connection." We should reserve and revere the word "Friend" (with a capitol 'F') for those who really know us and despite our biggest, WEIRDEST quirks and insecurities, still stick around.  Those we can call when we have a panic attack and need someone to just be there for us at 4am. Or for the person who just went through a breakup 6 months ago and still can't get out of bed and yet we keep going over to hang out and bring them ice cream and homemade "f*#k him" cards. 

Sometimes the people who happen to be in closest proximity to our daily routine, are not the salt for our Earth....Some of my closest friends are scattered throughout the United States (and abroad). I love them dearly.. And to those few, I will call (Yes call.... like using a phone and the sound of my voice)  on a regular basis to hear about their week no matter how mundane or exciting it is.  Just to hear their voice and let them know how much I really care about them. 

Because after all friendship is love-ship xoxo

Now share this with your real Friend(s) and let them know how much they mean to you!

Things Have Changed

Change is terrifying

Yet without it....How can we ever improve our circumstances?

If we want a better quality of life without change we will never have it; by mere definition change is something that wasn't there before.

Change: make or become different

But when unexpected, as most often it is....Change throws us off.

Change says "sorry you thought you were in control......SURPRISE!!!" and boom we have something else to deal with.

The easy thing to do is make it negative.....Complain that it sucks, that the way things were was better. 

I had a shit ton happen to me in the last two months that's changing my life in a lot of ways.

I have some health issues I am dealing with, my childhood cat died, and on top of everything today we are all dealing with a change in authority. 

But change isn't just negative, I've had some positive changes too. I've been working with new people on fun projects, I have built some incredible new relationships, and I'm developing a new sense of worth.  

We have a lot more on our plate. But do we honestly think we cannot handle it? Should we just throw in the towel right now?


Change helps us realize that we are capable of far more than we thought. It makes us look at things differently. 

We must be responsible for the change we want in the world.

Take Action. Listen. and Project Love.