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Don't blame me, I learned it from my parents

When I was little my mom used to say she wanted to run away

My dad would say he wanted to live under a bridge

I guess you could say I was f#%ked from the beginning

As I get older, although I do not have any children, I also feel the need to escape from something and be alone. It's not clear what I would be running away cats maybe? But that doesn't make sense, I love them. I guess I'd just be running from responsibility?

But does running away actually do more harm to myself than good? 

It certainly doesn't effect anyone else. 

Sometimes we like to think our self inflicted sabotage effects others. That they might see it and be like "NOOOOO Don't do it! Come back Maggie!!"

But usually we are met with the disappointing, but far too often true:

"No one was paying attention" reaction 

The world does not revolve around us

The point is to know it's ok to run away, but why not make it more productive by running away in some painting, or drawing? Or turning on all your senses and just taking a moment and practice your receptivity (if you're an actor....or an empath) which we need so much at this time in history. 

It is important to run away if you have to. Lots of life lessons to be learned. But the answer doesnt always have to be alone and it doesn't have to mean giving up on all your hard work.

After all, you've earned everything you have