Magdalene Vick

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Broadway WOrld

"Referee-ing, controlling, or inflaming the two men quite magnificently, Magdalene Vick inhabits her integral catalyst of Roxanne, the stage manager and the jilted bride-to-be Harry left at the altar six years prior. Vick has made her Roxanne a swirling dervish of non-stop barked instructions, polite explanations, unheeded commands and unexplained heartbreak; yet still possessing strength, smarts and determination to stand on her own. Vick effortlessly conveys all of Roxanne's mash-up of emotions." - Gil Kaan

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Canyon News


"The pot is continually stirred by the hand of the frustrated, begrudging Roxanne, deftly played by Vick, who wins over Harry, Jake and the audience in her charmingly restrained delirium." -Beverly Wilkerson 



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Director Alex Vinnitski:


"Maggie turned a fairly straight forward role of Claire; a girlfriend of a war hero, into a full on co-leading role in the film. Maggie's Claire was full of dimension, depth and vigor and her contribution to The Return became ever so meaningful against all odds and expectations."