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That one is not for sale

Why is it that when something is not for sale, too expensive or has a spouse, it suddenly becomes the only thing we want?

 Is it just me?

Pretty much EVERYTHING on the runway....

Have you noticed how attractive that thing becomes? It's like we become obsessed with it. Whether you actually like it or not.  And the attraction itself is a lie because you only like it because you can't have it. It's a way we hide behind our loneliness and insecurities. Because in reality, you kinda don't think you are good enough to deserve the purse or your crush. Because in reality you can never achieve it. Therefore, or course, you make it your personal goal to achieve.  It becomes a game. This goes for both things and people.

(insert your personalized circumstance here)

The real beauty in life is way too boring.....They are the things we already have.  The things and people we have a history with. Ie: my grandma's sweater, my best friend who was there for me when my boyfriend sent me home in an uber on my birthday, and two mismatched earrings my mom bought for me when I was a teen. 

History creates memories which creates sentimentality and that creates price. Not always the label or the press. 

If you want to buy something from the runway wait till someone wears it twice and then get it 80% off at Wasteland. 

If you are looking for meaning, look up


"You're beautiful, I hope you know that"

But I didn't because we were in the therapist's waiting room and I thought you'd think I was being condescending or insincere 


"Could you Be quiet please?"

But I didn't because we haven't formally met and I didn't want your first impression of me to be that B next door


"have we met?"

But I didn't because I'm pretty sure we have and I didn't want you to think I'd forgotten you


"Congratulations! You're doing such amazing things!"

But I didn't because I haven't talked with you in years and I didn't want you to think I was only your friend when you succeeded


"I really enjoyed your company though, I wish we could be friends"

But I didn't because I knew that wasn't what you wanted


"You forgot my number?"

But I didn't because I knew you said that to get back at me


"You're the coolest woman here"

But I didn't because you were talking over the presenter and I didn't want to upset people more


"Why are you going so slow?"

I was in the other car and you couldn't hear me


"That hug meant so much to me"

But I didn't because I didn't want you to know how vulnerable I really was


"Are you interested in really getting to know me....ever?" 

but I didn't because I was afraid that'd scare you off



Being honest and vulnerable in the moment is not always easy


I will tell you next time