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Magdalene Vick in Talks for Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok (Exclusive)

Actually the real title from Variety reads:

Cate Blanchett in Thor: Ragnarok: Actress in Talks for Marvel Sequel 

As of late, I have decided that if I am going to roll my eyes at the Multi-Million Dollar Marvel Universe Hollywood Monopoly......

Take a moment to process the above

(Essentially, I mean that by which Hollywood is run.)

If I am going to roll my eyes at it, I should at least be informed. So I am committed to catching up on all these movies and finding out exactly what all the fuss is about. 

After further pondering this decision, I began to fantasize about the comical idea and desire to indeed play, not "role play", but actually book a part as a lead Marvel actress in their exclusive and yet ever popular genre. I mean using deductive reasoning if actors such as Cate Blanchett, Anthony Hopkins, and Idris Elba (to name a few) are accepting these roles, I must be missing something right?

When imagining the ideal candidate, you think petite, fit, sex pot...AKA Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft..(Wrong Universe...well this is off to a good start)  Not sure if that's exactly the character I want to play...Definitely know I am far from that prototype. They are all the same. Regardless, I wouldn't mind playing the villain in one of these.

"Justin! Who is a female Marvel Villain?" I spontaneously ask my friend as I'm running my mega long cross country route. I get a fairly expedient reply "The enchantress" "but you'd be great as Poison Ivy in the Dc Comics" he responds. I'm flattered, but it doesnt exactly go along with my thesis for this project. (Who am I kidding though, at this point I'll take anything)

I hope this isn't boring for you, but I have decided to take you along with me. God willing I make it through this project, I will either book a lead role in the Marvel Universe and become super grateful to them...Or simply grateful to not be involved in any capacity with the institution. Either way, I thought you may enjoy seeing this process. 

That being said.....Off to watch Iron Man One and Two. DONT SPOIL IT FOR ME! ;)

The Power of Friend(s)

In this day of social media and "friends"...Who are our real friends?

I've lived in LA for 4 Years now...That's it. 4 years. Before that I lived in New York and before that I was in College..About 4 years in each city.. Sometimes I stress out about not knowing who, or where my real friends are. 

So what makes a real friend?

I just finished listening to "This American Life" an incredible episode called "Ask a Grown up" (if you are in to that type of thing, I highly encourage you to listen to it...It's beautifully striking and profound) Anyway I just finished listening to it, and it occurred to me real friend(s) exist for life. But it may not be all 5,000 of them (which Facebook so generously set as the limit of friends we can have on our personal page. We may only need just one...or two...And we can be picky. After all, you will inevitably be spending a lot of energy on this incredible being. 

A Friend should challenge, inspire, listen to you, make you laugh, and love you. And likewise, you have the honor of doing the same for them. 

I think we should rename our Facebook "friends" to whom we kind-of-know and occasionally hang out with as "People I've met Once and Liked and May be a Good Connection." We should reserve and revere the word "Friend" (with a capitol 'F') for those who really know us and despite our biggest, WEIRDEST quirks and insecurities, still stick around.  Those we can call when we have a panic attack and need someone to just be there for us at 4am. Or for the person who just went through a breakup 6 months ago and still can't get out of bed and yet we keep going over to hang out and bring them ice cream and homemade "f*#k him" cards. 

Sometimes the people who happen to be in closest proximity to our daily routine, are not the salt for our Earth....Some of my closest friends are scattered throughout the United States (and abroad). I love them dearly.. And to those few, I will call (Yes call.... like using a phone and the sound of my voice)  on a regular basis to hear about their week no matter how mundane or exciting it is.  Just to hear their voice and let them know how much I really care about them. 

Because after all friendship is love-ship xoxo

Now share this with your real Friend(s) and let them know how much they mean to you!

Dear Holidays, Thaw Off

You've changed. Or as the adage goes: It's me, not you

But I remember when you and I had the best relationship. I remember when I would FEEL the holiday spirit: It'd be all warm and magical. At that time, there was no family drama. We were all happy and excited and we made hot chocolate and sat next to the fire telling stories and making each other laugh...

You are supposed to be a time for eating cookies and drinking wine. Egg nog? Whiskey? But now, after forgoing the fireplace (because I have none) and indulging myself alone; I am left feeling guilty, bloated and preemptively hungover.

And remember when mom bought everyone's presents because we were kids and had no money? All your friends and family loved you because you were able to show them how much they meant to you! Because back then you didn't have to worry about rent or bills or feeding yourself.  But now with all my friends and co-workers there's no way I can get them everything I want to! I mean come on, I would at least spend 45 dollars each on them, if I could!...Which I can't....because there's about 50 of them and that would be about 900 dollars the bank could double and then turn me into a jail feed with overdraft damages. 

Also, Arent I supposed to be in love or in a relationship? I think Kay Jewelers even goes as far to guarentee so much in their ads. 

Why do you delight in torching me so, dear Holiday Spirit? 

But the movies are marketably better....Ill give you that.

Consider this an attempt to break up with you.  Knowing you, you will find a way to warm my heart for a moment and make me long for you next year....But I have to do what's right for me right now, and as a maturing adult, getting her life together, I can't help but feel you're holding me back. (Luckily, I live in LA, and you are easier to ignore)

I hope you make a lot of money, and kids happy, truly I do 


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