Magdalene Vick

This sun feels so good


Do Not Tell Me To Smile

I am a realist

If I am not smiling, it's probably for a reason

I'm figuring something out; maybe it's rent, money, family, relationships

It doesn't mean that I am mad or upset

Don't take it personally

We all have ups and downs 

I may be having a tough day/week/month. I'm not asking for pity, but I'm not going to hide it. What's the point? So my ex thinks I live a perfect and magical life where I am never challenged or hurt? I know he's got more life shit going on than I do, so it's redundant

It is life

To think everyone is "having the best day ever" or "nailed every audition" or "always going up" is a lie. Those people are lying

But don't be offended, they aren't just lying to you.  They are lying more to themselves....(yea, thats the sad part)

My smile is valuable.  I need it smiling on the inside, taking care of myself, before it can take care of you.

By not smiling I am doing you a favor

I am telling you "The person in front of you is a thinking, strong woman, making her own decisions and supporting herself. Don't interrupt"

Do you go around asking men to smile?