Magdalene Vick

This sun feels so good

Hiding Under Pillows

You ask anyone who knew me as a child

My favorite thing to do besides kicking a ball back and forth

was hiding

Burying myself deep underneath the safety of pillows 

It was safe there, no one could see me

Freedom from judgement, responsibility 

Now that I am an adult, hiding has become much different. I can't really hide under pillows all day

Because of my career I can't really hide at all; blogs, snapchat, instagram, facebook, moment to moment you know exactly what I am doing

I hide in books now, I go from sitting on a couch or my bed to immediately walking down the subway in NYC or taking a train through a rural landscape in London

All in my imagination 

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We are writing the story of our lives in Social Media anyway

It's all a story

Nothing is wrong with taking a moment to get lost in someone else's story

Just be cognizant you are getting lost in = someone else's story

And then make your own.