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IRON MAN is Starch to my Blouse

It started when I was browsing movies on ROKU and Avengers came up....It caught me in my tracks..I hated to think it looked cool……..

But it looked cool……

And it is super popular.......Should I give in to peer pressure?  That's easy, I did. And I enjoyed it far more than I thought. That's what got me thinking about this 'Marvel Experiment" ;) 

When I told my friends what I was doing over a glass of wine, they kind of laughed at me "Maggie you know just because they are popular, doesn’t mean you need to study them any differently; like there's a specific version of 'Marvel Acting' you need to know"  "I know" I try to brush it off. But deep down, I really just wanted to understand why the f#*k people were so into them and why they were so successful. So I began, re-began, my journey into this world (cough) Universe.

Monday afternoon right after a nice, inspiring walk around the reservoir, I began my workday. Sitting on my baby blue couch at the foot of my bed, I turned on Iron Man (2008).  Right off the bat I was impressed not only by Marvel's attempt to stay current with Stark being kidnapped in a remote location in Afghanistan, but also with how good Robert Downey Jr. is with ONE LINERS! Sh*t!

He SLAYS them every time!

It was very clear the archetype Marvel was after with Tony Stark. The writing made it apparent. After each encounter with a person of the opposite sex, a female, it took Tony Stark a mere 20 seconds to make some sort of suggestive, possibly offensive comment.  Although It made me roll my eyes and want to turn it off, I persevered because he's charming, funny and..

I shouldn't make excuses....nvm....

The movie concludes with Tony defeating his boss who had tried to recreate and dominate Iron Man.  To no surprise, Tony Stark saves the day…I have to admit, I kind of loved this movie. Downey's neurotic, and entertaining character was like reeses pieces to my brain cells. 

Alright, so I feel like I'm getting it a little. (Really it’s all because of RDJr for me at this point). I watched Iron Man 2 about two days later. Made a night out of it, set up a lil snack plate with some red vines, Tootsie Pops and La Croix. I think I was a little more excited about the snackage package than the movie this early in the game. But here’s what I gathered: Man, obviously from Russia, creates Electric Stringy Man to fight Iron Man and loses. Also, Scarlett Johannson is a Russian spy/agent person working now for Tony Stark…And she is super hot. So is Gweneth Paltrow, Tony’s assistant and now CEO. He apparently only associates with pretty people….and Jarvis, his AI inside of Iron man who speaks British.... So he’s obviously pretty as well. See? I was paying attention. Although, I do feel a little worse about myself and my chances of making it into this world (cough) Universe.

Honestly, my enthusiasm waned after watching Iron Man 2, but like any other Superhero in training I finish what I start….Most of the time.. Next on my list is Captain America!!…..Yes, some of you dedicated comic fans are looking down your noses at me right now thinking I skipped The Incredible Hulk……and you are right. I did. But it’s not for the fact that I don’t think it counts as a Marvel movie, or that I think Ed Norton shouldn’t have the honor of playing the Hulk, but more for the fact that I may have dated someone involved and wanted to pretend it didn’t exist….OK on to Captain America!!!