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The Roller Coaster in my House

Oh my deer ones, yes my Deer ones. I say Deer because only deers read my blogs anymore, because I have sunk so far behind the deadline of my project that I have officially lost touch with any real interested readership I had going on….However, I will continue this mission for I honor the integrity of this assignment, and intend to finish what I began. Long story long, I got vertigo, had a mental breakdown, although many of you Marvel fans did write to me and gave me inspiration that my vertigo could indeed be my Superhero Mega Power (And I thank you for that and will go into more detail of that later) I got on antidepressants to help me with my obsessive thoughts and that the world sux, and I fell in love with an incredible 6’5 ½ Asian Royal’s fan. All that being said….I’ve been a bit distracted. But nearly two months after I began, I continue with Iron Man 3. I grab a La Croix, some grapes and crash into the couch for RETURN OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE!

I watched it. I loved it.

Ben Kingsley…..Sir, Knight, Captain, my Captain, O’Captian….I aspire to reach the Acting Royalty you possess. I just finished watching Iron Man 3. Have to say, the tables have dramatically turned. Iron Man 3 blew me away. I had so much fun. It reminded of being on a rollercoaster ride, or a really cool Universal Studios ride. I forgot I was watching a Marvel movie, until his Malibu house got blown up by AIM. Then I sat back and let it take me away. Who cares what I’m actually watching…I think the front of his house just fell into the ocean, and the water in the ocean looks DOPE! Almost as cool and scary as Titanic….I loved that movie too. “You jump, I jump right?” Great movie. I digress. Guy Pearce is so terrifyingly believable as the villain, and Ben Kingsley is such a good actor, he makes his Character “Trevor” appear to be an incredible actor too! Fooling everyone into believing he is a life crushing terrorist “the Mandarin”. In addition to the great casting, I really appreciated the honest parts of this movie like Tony Starks battle with panic attacks. Brilliant. When the little boy tells Tony to make something on the phone when the suit wasn’t ready, he completely takes Tony’s attention off the attack itself and focus’ his attention to a job at hand. EXACTLY WHAT YOURE SUPPOSED TO DO WHEN YOU HAVE A PANIC ATTACK! (This movie is earning mega bonus points with me!) Up next Thor: Dark World

“What the hell is that weird head doing on that tiny body?”

Was my first impression of Captain America: The First Avenger….But I did watch it after celebrating my friend’s birthday with bottomless mimosas at a Drag Show in Weho…So my head wasn’t exactly straight either. But it just seemed a bit strange….and made me anticipate the fact that lil Chris Evans was about to Sexify into a Sexy beast of an American Mascot with some questionable blue injections. Proof for the FDA that plastic surgery and botox really can make dreams come true. I found the movie ok, the structure seemed to replicate Iron Man’s: Man discovers power= first ½ of the movie followed by: Man defeats other Man copying his Super Power= 2 ½ of the movie. Good Man wins, obvi. I did love that Agent Carter was such a badass, but again she is so pretty. I keep wondering “WHERE ARE THE UGLY GIRLS?!” But Also, where is Tony Stark? I miss him…Chris Evan’s character is blah. I’m thirsty. Okay, got some water and now I can be more objective. So, Captain’s saving characteristic is his humanity, I mean his humility….Humanity would literally be the antithsis of all Marvel Superheros. That’s why Pepper Potts is not a superhero (and she doesn’t wear tight clothes….and have an AK) But we are talking about Captain America, Ultimately, Steven saves the New York from being attacked by crashing into the ocean and cryogenically freezing his body for 70 years. Surprise! He’s still alive and Sam L Jackson has something to say to him… Dot Dot Dot Credits….

I got some soup, had no plans for the rest of my Sunday, and sat down for round TWO: THOR! I got about 15 minutes through and I had to take a nap. To be fair, It was probably those mimosas catching up to me and not the quality of the movie. But once the clock hit 8:30…It seemed my head was on a 15 minute timer. I kept pausing, napping for 10 minutes, un pausing and watching…and then getting sleepy again. No matter how captivating Tom Hiddleston was or How charmingly dumb Chris Hemsworth came across, there was clearly nothing that was more important than sleep. LET THAT BE A LESSON TO US ALL! So I paused the movie and went to bed. The next day after my therapy session that ultimately led to my decision to take anxiety meds, I sat down to finish Thor. Only, I’m not sure if that was the best decision considering anxiety medicine amplifies your symptoms in the first few days….

Meaning suddenly the stakes in the movie just got a whole lot more intense.

Now Loki wants to wipe out a whole population of frost people and I’m not sure I am okay with that. Nor am I okay with him trying to kill his father or Thor!!!…Thor may be dumb, but he’s hot as hell and hopefully he and Jane will hook up and have magical lil Asgaardian/New Mexican babies!! With the help of his Hammer, cuz we all need a tool in our lives, Thor saves the day and promises to come back for Jane. Some may have really enjoyed the fight scenes, I got more out of the love story. Thanks duel plot ;) As the credits role: HOLY F*#k! is that Idris Elba?! No way!!!! No exaggeration I freaked out that hard core…Immediately I imdb the whole movie: Natalie Portman, Idris Elba, Anthony Hopkins! Natalie Portman just won an Oscar for Black Swan right before Thor released! Seeing it all together like this really puts things into perspective…To be considered for a Marvel movie one must have A) Won an Oscar or B) Been Nominated for an Oscar but have won a Golden Globe or SAG Award. Looks like this process is going to be longer than I thought...

IRON MAN is Starch to my Blouse

It started when I was browsing movies on ROKU and Avengers came up....It caught me in my tracks..I hated to think it looked cool……..

But it looked cool……

And it is super popular.......Should I give in to peer pressure?  That's easy, I did. And I enjoyed it far more than I thought. That's what got me thinking about this 'Marvel Experiment" ;) 

When I told my friends what I was doing over a glass of wine, they kind of laughed at me "Maggie you know just because they are popular, doesn’t mean you need to study them any differently; like there's a specific version of 'Marvel Acting' you need to know"  "I know" I try to brush it off. But deep down, I really just wanted to understand why the f#*k people were so into them and why they were so successful. So I began, re-began, my journey into this world (cough) Universe.

Monday afternoon right after a nice, inspiring walk around the reservoir, I began my workday. Sitting on my baby blue couch at the foot of my bed, I turned on Iron Man (2008).  Right off the bat I was impressed not only by Marvel's attempt to stay current with Stark being kidnapped in a remote location in Afghanistan, but also with how good Robert Downey Jr. is with ONE LINERS! Sh*t!

He SLAYS them every time!

It was very clear the archetype Marvel was after with Tony Stark. The writing made it apparent. After each encounter with a person of the opposite sex, a female, it took Tony Stark a mere 20 seconds to make some sort of suggestive, possibly offensive comment.  Although It made me roll my eyes and want to turn it off, I persevered because he's charming, funny and..

I shouldn't make excuses....nvm....

The movie concludes with Tony defeating his boss who had tried to recreate and dominate Iron Man.  To no surprise, Tony Stark saves the day…I have to admit, I kind of loved this movie. Downey's neurotic, and entertaining character was like reeses pieces to my brain cells. 

Alright, so I feel like I'm getting it a little. (Really it’s all because of RDJr for me at this point). I watched Iron Man 2 about two days later. Made a night out of it, set up a lil snack plate with some red vines, Tootsie Pops and La Croix. I think I was a little more excited about the snackage package than the movie this early in the game. But here’s what I gathered: Man, obviously from Russia, creates Electric Stringy Man to fight Iron Man and loses. Also, Scarlett Johannson is a Russian spy/agent person working now for Tony Stark…And she is super hot. So is Gweneth Paltrow, Tony’s assistant and now CEO. He apparently only associates with pretty people….and Jarvis, his AI inside of Iron man who speaks British.... So he’s obviously pretty as well. See? I was paying attention. Although, I do feel a little worse about myself and my chances of making it into this world (cough) Universe.

Honestly, my enthusiasm waned after watching Iron Man 2, but like any other Superhero in training I finish what I start….Most of the time.. Next on my list is Captain America!!…..Yes, some of you dedicated comic fans are looking down your noses at me right now thinking I skipped The Incredible Hulk……and you are right. I did. But it’s not for the fact that I don’t think it counts as a Marvel movie, or that I think Ed Norton shouldn’t have the honor of playing the Hulk, but more for the fact that I may have dated someone involved and wanted to pretend it didn’t exist….OK on to Captain America!!!