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Hiding Under Pillows

You ask anyone who knew me as a child

My favorite thing to do besides kicking a ball back and forth

was hiding

Burying myself deep underneath the safety of pillows 

It was safe there, no one could see me

Freedom from judgement, responsibility 

Now that I am an adult, hiding has become much different. I can't really hide under pillows all day

Because of my career I can't really hide at all; blogs, snapchat, instagram, facebook, moment to moment you know exactly what I am doing

I hide in books now, I go from sitting on a couch or my bed to immediately walking down the subway in NYC or taking a train through a rural landscape in London

All in my imagination 

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We are writing the story of our lives in Social Media anyway

It's all a story

Nothing is wrong with taking a moment to get lost in someone else's story

Just be cognizant you are getting lost in = someone else's story

And then make your own.

What am I doing?

It feels like in this day of social media and short attn spans, I am relying so hard on my subconscious to remember what I was, what I wanted to, and what I need to be doing. 

Its kinda scary 

Im like "I need to get oil changed, I need to pick up my prescription and I have to be at Gracias Madre at noon for a lunch with a prod wait...did that guy from Bumble get back to me?


(swipe right on new guy, left on new guy, left on new guy, right..)

.oh shit what was I doing? oh the guy is he there? no he didn't respond,

(oh just heard an EMAIL notification..)

. <<read email>>  forward to manager subject line "can we get in on this?" 

what did i have to do?

Oh FACEBOOK notification

"oh thats nice glad Anne from 8th grade liked that, she was so sweet what is she doing now? what she knows my EX????


WHat was I doing again? Oh driving...yes, fuck where do I turn I have no idea where I am....