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Hello, I'm a Demon that lives in your Head

Sweating, eyes closed, deep in sleep, imagination and subconscious in full swing

I hear a printer, printing something from the other room.  I go check to see what's going on, who is home?

It's an assistant to a casting director I had recently auditioned for..

He looks shocked, like I caught him in the act, I look down at what is printing

They are stills, OF ME... all of the shitty performances I've given in auditions, films.... You name it

The printer is fully engaged and printing these images off at a rapid speed

I look at him like 'whats going on?'

"People have not been saying the greatest things about you lately" He says

I stare shell shocked

"I dont understand" I say

"People are just saying some not so nice things about your work lately" He responds shrugging it off like its a matter of fact, nothing you can do, byeeeeeee

I grab the sheets of paper and go downstairs to the casting office (of course the casting office is below my apartment) I burst into the office and see a full blown class going on. I see the CD in front of the room 

I raise my left arm high flashing all the close ups of me f*&king up,

The CD looks at me apologetically and says "Well its probably a good lesson for you to learn"

I am flabbergasted

I look back at the class and pass out the pieces of paper, bawling my eyes out and say "If you wanna look at these you can, but it HURTS my Feelings!!" I throw a glance of pain and anguish at the CD, just like a little girl throwing a temper tantrum and I exit....Thinking there's no way they are going to follow through with it. 

Just then I hear "Her mouth is agape right at the beginning; which means she is anticipating the scene..."

I am crestfallen

The phone rings...

no it REALLY real life

 I am thrust back to reality 

I answer my phone not knowing where I am, WHO I am and who the Eff is calling me.  I only know that I suck, I'M the worst actress and I...



"Hey its Krista from "Untitled Film Project" you auditioned for, 

We'd like you to come in for a chemistry read.