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"You're beautiful, I hope you know that"

But I didn't because we were in the therapist's waiting room and I thought you'd think I was being condescending or insincere 


"Could you Be quiet please?"

But I didn't because we haven't formally met and I didn't want your first impression of me to be that B next door


"have we met?"

But I didn't because I'm pretty sure we have and I didn't want you to think I'd forgotten you


"Congratulations! You're doing such amazing things!"

But I didn't because I haven't talked with you in years and I didn't want you to think I was only your friend when you succeeded


"I really enjoyed your company though, I wish we could be friends"

But I didn't because I knew that wasn't what you wanted


"You forgot my number?"

But I didn't because I knew you said that to get back at me


"You're the coolest woman here"

But I didn't because you were talking over the presenter and I didn't want to upset people more


"Why are you going so slow?"

I was in the other car and you couldn't hear me


"That hug meant so much to me"

But I didn't because I didn't want you to know how vulnerable I really was


"Are you interested in really getting to know me....ever?" 

but I didn't because I was afraid that'd scare you off



Being honest and vulnerable in the moment is not always easy


I will tell you next time 






Wow, I have been falling a lot lately, like a lot

It started on one cloudy June morning, on a run in my new neighborhood. 

I see a couple and I dodge to the right of them, I am a master runner, been running for years.. YEARS. I got this, piece of cake. Not gonna break my stride. 

Before I even realize what the F just happened, I plummet straight down into the cement. 

 I look back in fear, full of adrenaline. I reluctantly ask the couple I dodged for help. 

"Um....Excuse me....Hello?" I say first in a soft voice then Louder very apologetically asking for help "Hi, could you please help me? I fell" Tears start welling in my eyes. With their support, I slowly begin assessing the damage. 

Yep, it was a duesy....

One cut so deep you could see my hip bone....When that happened I could no longer contain the dam of tears building up in my eyes.

Now I like to think that this was not my fault.....That falling wasn't going to become a trend...

Then I was on set modeling for a clothing company, dancing and having a gay old time. SO MUCH FUN WEEE!!!! I can jump off of this JEEP no Problem! I GOT THIS! WEEEEE! Landed right smack on my knees. 

"I cant believe I cant support myself" I think in my head "Whats wrong with me?" I fake laugh it off and get back to work .

I was fine

And Finally (Third time is the charm)  I am out in the ocean on a shoot where I am pretending to be Marilyn Monroe dancing and playing when.... 

WHAT THE F#%k is that giant rock cluster in the middle of the Ocean!? AHHH and I trip over it quite embarrassingly, taking a head dive in the shallow surf. 


Now I could take all this to mean I should stop running, dancing and jumping around, But I like to think Im learning exactly the opposite



It will be okay