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I met a guy....a gorgeous guy....I mean HOT.

He was at my work and at first he thought that I was with the group and introduced himself to which I most bluntly responded

"Hi Im Maggie, I work here" as I pile lipstick, watersoaked napkins into used  glassware and pile it up to my face to carry away

but he got me....he stared into my eyes and told me I was gorgeous. 

"This is weird but....would you want to go on a date with me?" as he handsomely cocks his head to the side

UM YES THE ANSWER IS " hahaha yeaaa" I say rather casually "Id like that"

We exchanged numbers "text me" I said 

"Oh no" he responds.."Im going to call you"

Swoon pull over die now.. And as if he didnt have me enough, the lights come up to kick everyone out as we were talking "Wow" He stares at my face "You are even more beautiful in the light"

fuck really? REALLY? Itd be one thing if he were completely slimey but he was actually really cool and very attractive. Im screwed..

Next Day: Enter mindless DAYDREAMING about beautiful dumb love stuff all day long waiting for the pool party he invited me to....

BUT HERES THE CATCH! LADIES TAKE NOTE OF MY STRATEGY (a little painful but like a shot gets the job done fast)

I show up with my 10x hotter SUPERMODEL hot did i say she was hot friend and I wore no make-up, didnt shave my legs, and didnt give AF. .......Learned real quick if he was interested in 'Hot Maggie' or 'Awesome Maggie'.... or 'Awesome Maggie's Hot Friend.'

It was 'Awesome Maggie's Hot Friend'.