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Love (The Addendum)

If you know me, like really know me.

I don’t believe in Love

I believe in “Family Love”

The unconditional variety where you are born into a family, therefore born into circumstances that unify and bind you

But Love, like real Love that happens….develops…is born?

I mean, to tell you the truth, I really don’t understand how it comes into being….Is it manufactured? Whittled? I don’t know

Probably because I don’t believe in it.

I don’t believe in fairy tales. I don’t believe that you can love someone, like a partner, not just a friend.  I believe in loving friendships. But friendships involving love that become or are intimate I have never trusted and never believed in. 

To me Love looked like a façade. “You smile, but I know you’re unhappy behind closed doors.” I’d think.*1

I just always associated loving with pain. Everyone who I ever loved, hurt me and so I didn’t trust it. I always assumed that the other person was just waiting for the opportune moment to go behind my back, sleep with someone else and hurt me. Not that I’ve witnessed this first hand…Although I have.

My mom always used to tell me that if you want to find it, whatever “it” is, you will. If you want to find your boyfriend flirting with someone else you will or if you want to find success in a project you're working on, you can. It works both ways. *2

I don’t believe in Love

 Until Today

*1 Now, I know: yea. I was right, there is unhappiness there. That’s because no one is immune to unhappiness. Unhappiness is always going to exist, co-exist with happiness because if it didn’t we’d live in a delusional state. The difference is that when you are married or when you are in love, you have found your teammate. The person that you pick out of a group of people and say “You! I recognize your amazingness, and the odds of happiness with you in this game, I think, are high” “and you’re hot”  That’s all.

*2 But the point is what are you looking for? Why look for the negative first, why start there?