Magdalene Vick

This sun feels so good

Even GUTS Lie


I met a guy and the chemistry was 


Like stupid

I didn't get it. We met on set (yea yea deductive reasoning figure it out) 

Anyway, the point is. We couldn't stop giggling, making jokes, and learning about each other. 

It felt cosmic

He wasn't really my type; He was my height, and not double my age....

So based off the successes of my previous failed relationships with said "type" I thought this was the Universe sending me a sign to not f*#k it up

He took me on two dreamy dates: biking to dinner, then camping out under the stars to watch the Perseid meteor shower. (i know stupid right?!)

I was hesitant at first, then proudly told my therapist: "I think I need to try this"

After being a serial non-realationship-ist, maybe I should give this one a try (Since it was so obviously my decision)


I didn't hear from him....Texts soon revealed an "oh heeeeey" but "not interested" level of enthusiasm



............How did I miss this?


How could something that felt real not be?


But remember that chemistry read from my blog about "demons in my head"? It was DOPE!!! "Thank you Magdalene, it was incredible what you did, especially when you made 'x actor' go to that place." 

And the same thing happened....


So I guess the lesson I learned was to trust your gut when you're going into a dark alley, but really that's about it


You can never really know what others are going to do, or how they feel

All you can do is trust that you're a good person, doing what you think is right

But really.... Wtf?!