Magdalene Vick

This sun feels so good

My Cat Wont Leave Me Alone

I love him

but I Just CAnt right now

Like I want to throw him across the room

Lock him in a closet

Meow Meow Meow 

I hear it everywhere

Im on the phone with a mechancial voice telling me "just say Cancel Reservation/Modify Reserv....." 

"Cancel my..."

"Review Reservation..What was that?"

"CANCEL MY RESERVATION!!! CANCEL MY RESERVATION!!!!!" as I yell into the telephone,

Figaro still meowing and now following me around the room

I try chasing him down a hall to get out of my way! Temporarily running him off. I close the door behind him, and push my back up against the door like he had the strength to open it.

Meow Meow

"Thank you, please wait while I transfer you to a Representative"

Meow Meow still echoing now from the Hall

I open the hallway door and stare deep into his eyes to give him all the attention he's fighting for

The representative answers "Hi may I have your confirmation number please?" 

Face Off With My Cat

"H G U T 9 U" I say with deathly intensity

I didnt want to change my reservation in the first place....


I miss my family so much


and as I look at this creature I realize he wants the same thing I do. 

I sit down and he jumps in my lap and stops meowing

The flight is canceled

*No animals were harmed in the making of this blog