Magdalene Vick

This sun feels so good

I am sick...and it happened before this election

I try to wake up.


I look at my phone....

EPIC FAIL pain everywhere. I can't avoid it

Heart starts racing...Fever rebuilds itself in my blood...

"STAAAAAAAY DOWN" I keep telling myself

I try sleeping..."But you should be working, look at all those people going on auditions...writing...SMiling in the face of pain." 

I long to do what they are doing. But apparently, not longing enough. I have to deal with insurance to get into an ENT as soon as possible. I have to see what is going on with my throat. 


"Sorry You need to speak to your primary doctor about that"

"But you don't understand" I plead, "I've been losing my voice for days!  They keep giving me antibiotics and it's not working. I need a throat doctor." 

"Like I said, Mamm, You have to call your primary doctor first and make sure they sent over the referall request." (Which they told me they did a Week ago) "I can barely talk, how am I supposed to talk to all of these people?" "Here are the numbers, that's all I can do for you at the moment"....dial tone


It's better than nothing; at least I am being seen right? I mean imagine this all happening and healthcare not being available to me. After all, I am beginning my career and in order to have union health insurance I need to make 15 thousand specifically as an actor, in one year....That may sound like nothing...But it's not that easy to just jump into a career in acting where they're throwing me 15 grand.

So Medical It is.....And now the Election results...

I still can't move. My body is full of aches and fever. I feel guilty for not "building my empire" or finding jobs right now. It's my fault. I must be lazy. 

"Our offices just closed. Please call back tomorrow at 8 AM"